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Our office lights creates a distinct and agreeable work environment, with glare-free illumination that conforms to all the required standards. It is pleasing to the eye, with functional, contemporary design, and is put together to be easy to maintain while also making allowance for ergonomic considerations. Special additional technologies known as light management systems – such as daylight dependent dimming or motion detectors – are also available to help you save energy.
Furthermore, we guarantee our customers lighting concepts customised to suit them perfectly: in addition to our standard luminaire shapes, we can also offer small-scale batches of products tailored precisely to meet their specific requirements. Existing support profiles and ceiling cut-outs and systems can be taken into consideration at any time.
Whether you need direct illumination from recessed luminaires or combined direct and indirect lighting from surface-mounted, suspended or floor standing luminaires with adjustable light steering, our office lighting can be deployed to suit your specific needs in sales and display areas, individual and open-plan offices, galleries and reception areas.